What Users Say

„I just want to thank you for your ongoing support of the Picture Information Extractor program. I have been using it since November 2008 with version 4.6. Now it’s version 6.3. It really has helped me a great deal, tons of time saved typing the file name, and in order, changing the date, etc… It’s totally worth what I bought it for and many times over. There are other functions I haven’t explored but what I do with it is more than enough for my needs.  Any way, thank you very much for your dedication all these years and counting. There’s not many companies that provide continuos support such as yours from a single payment. I am really impressed.“ (Dennis C.)


„That was a supremely quick response to my enquiry – thank you again – and *at last*, I now feel that I’ve got the maximum ‚feasible‘ visibility and control of the metadata in my photographs, all in one program (PIE). This is a function that *none* of my other programs provides.“ (Colin S. P.)


„I have tried about 25 programs including some of the biggest names over the last few weeks to rename and reorganise my photos in preparation for using a Lightroom catalog. PIE is easily the best for this specific job and I am glad I found it.“ (Nigel S.)


„I use PIE Studio for all my printing, it is exactly as complex as it needs to be and no more. Too many photo programs are so distractingly do-too-many-things-and-fix-your-plumbing-too now days, their original wonderful purpose buried by all the „new features“. Along with its technical excellence, you keep PIE Studio’s original simplicity and efficiency of use as a priority in its development. You may quote me!“ (Jeff M.)


„Thank you for making the enhancement in no time! I tested the new version and now everything is in sync.
Before using PIE, by using a combination of the above mentioned tools (following some specific steps) barely enabled me to correct some of the DateTime stamps of the image files (especially NEF). Now I can correct them (both JPEG and NEF) with ease.“ (Edwin Y.)


„I spent a couple of days using the free version of PIE organizing approx. 13,000 jpg & raw photos – I simply can’t imagine how long it would have taken with Adobe LR3. I’ve searched for other freeware for the same purpose, but PIE is far and away the very best! It made such a difference to my workflow that I just purchased the licensed version and am looking forward to working with the metadata. Great picture viewer – and fast! Thanks to all involved!“ (Jim H.)


„I’ve been using your PIE Studio for about 6 months and appreciate the updates I’m getting and I reckon its much better than other similar products I have tried.“ (David C.)


„I’m using PIE a couple of years now, and am very happy with it. Mainly using it because of the well shown Exif data and camera settings like zoom factor. Very handy.
Recently I had to sort many hundreds of pictures from 3 different cameras, but with pictures of same event (holidays). One camera was 1 hour off, and a 2nd was 24 hrs off. I wanted to have a slide show, using pictures from all 3 cameras, in the proper order, i.e. chronological. This for RAW and JPEG photographs with different camera filenames. I used PIE to correct the picture dates (very convenient) and next I used the Auto-Rename function, for renaming the camera-given filenames to an uniform date-based filename. This all was done within a couple of minutes.  PIE is really a great program. Thanks!“ (Bart B.)


„I just want to thank you for an excellent and VERY well supported piece of software (PIE). It is the ONLY image software on my systems that handle ALL of my Canon SLR RAW files, as well as those from my wifes Panasonic FZ-18.“ (Jack W.)


„I appreciate your willingness to adjust to meet the needs of your customers. God bless you!“ (Craig S.)


„Thank you once again for your fantastic program. It just keeps getting better.“ (Wayne D.)


„I bought PIE several years ago and have continued to receive regular free upgrades. I just wish to say ‚thanks‘ and tell you what a useful program this is. As a ’software junkie‘, I have tried them all. I can say that your program combines ease of use and all the really necessary features, a rare combination.“ (Nigel W.)


„I appreciate the versatility of this program so much. It works perfectly for creating a printed catalog of our digital photographs as well as printing images for use in preparing repair quotes on damaged cranes. Your software makes my job much easier.“ (Mary S. Y.)


„You are definitely the exception to the norm of ‚buy a new version because we are greedy and need the money‘ syndrome that seems so common today. Thanks for being the most ethical software provider that I know of.“ (Albert F.)


„I look forward to using PIE again. I got back into it because it seems to be the only software that can add metadata to JPGs that don’t have it.“ (Wesley R.)


„I use NikonView, Adobe Bridge, Lightroom every other day and PIE is great for me, I use it to manage around 70,000 images over two PC’s, three external backup systems and heaps of CD-DVD’s. It is my download manager of preference, even with Lightroom2, I still prefer the initial work to be performed by PIE. Keep up the good work.“ (Paul H.)


„I find PIE extremely quick and easy to use. Excellent simple program.“ (Carl H.)


„I appreciate the rock solid performance of PIE Studio and have recommended it to many people. I use it constantly for contact sheets and especially for albums. I have also taken to printing the page formats as pdf files for backup. I can then go back to your macros and print my own pages with file names for easy reference when a customer just wants the «bottom picture on page five».
Please use anything I’ve sent as a testimonial to one of the best investments I’ve ever made since coming back to photography digitally.“ (Lee S.)


„Guys! Just a note to tell you how GREAT your PrintStation program is!!! It does everything and more!!! Even running on a old/slow 98SE system. Thanks from a happy user!“ (Terry L.)


„I have still to find a program which beats the speed and ease of PIE, Thank you from a very satisfied customer“


„Thanks so much for continuing to support and improve PIE.  I use it a lot…nothing better for reviewing lots of images quickly.“


„You have the best software for laying out pages of thumbnails that I have ever come across“


„I’m impressed your response time. NOW PIE works great! Thank you very much for now!“


„Thank you for your diligence in creating such a great program“ (Kelly J.)


„Thank you so much for such WONDERFUL customer service. Have a great week!!“ (Mike W.)


„Really great to see you updating this uniquely useful piece of software, thank you.“


„Cracking good improvements. great program. thanks!!“ (Tim H.)


„Adding RAW capabilities has once again catapulted PIE to the best in class. Great improvement.“ (George R.)


„I have PIE Studio, 5 license pack. I have a bunch of others, but yours is far and away the best.“ (David B.)


„PIE is still a great alternative to most other programs for viewing JPEG images“


„PIE Studio, Wonderful program – could not do without it -„


„I purchased Print Station which is a great solution to my contact sheet printing needs.“


„PIE is really, REALLY useful to me“


„Hello, I am a registered owner of PIE, and I absolutely love the program“ (Evan)


„It works perfectly now, thanks for the quick support.“


„Version 2.5 is very good, zooms are very fast, congratulations.“ (Yvon P.)


„I really enjoy using your program. Seems to organize and allow me to effortlessly access and use over 20000 photos I have stored in my computer.“ (Russ)


„I am a registered user of PrintStation and think its one of the simplest to use yet powerful printing software I have come across.“


„I really like the quick go to full screen view mode and navigation. It makes for very nice slide shows on my laptop.“ (Kirk)