Printstation History


  • Compatible with Windows 11
  • View and print WEBP image files
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Zoom at mouse cursor position
  • Changed mouse wheel zoom direction
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Support for high resolution displays (DPI aware)
  • Fixed minor bug in print layout preview


  • Fixed file details in Windows libraries


  • Minor UI adjustments


  • Increased performance
  • Support for .heic / .heif file format


  • Added in explorer context menu


  • New viewer shortcut, press ‘2’ to fill screen


  • JPG processing 30% faster
  • Bug fixes


  • Fixed slideshow interval setting


  • If there is an error in a picture, leave its cell empty instead of completely aborting the printing process


  • New page labeling tag &p for folder without path. This is a breaking change. If you are using page numbers, you have to update your layouts: &p -> &n, &P -> &N, &f -> &P


  • Reverted to default dpi scaling


  • Custom colors in print layout labels
  • Restructured print macro selection
  • Various fixes


  • Fixed Access Violation when displaying certain images


  • Auto hide navigation buttons in viewer
  • Hidden checkboxes in thumbnail view
  • Minor fixes


  • High resolution display support
  • Navigation buttons and slide gesture support in viewer
  • Fixed file browser update after drag&drop


  • Open .psl layout files from within the file browser
  • New option for the viewer and preview resampling quality (‘Fast’ corresponds to the old default setting, ‘Normal’ and ‘Best’ for higher quality, but slower)
  • Fixed swapping of width and height when entering custom dimensions in fixed photo size mode
  • Fixed preset delete
  • Windows 8 compatibility fix


  • Support for color management
  • Clearer, more simplistic thumbnail view
  • Added grouping by 3 letters of filename
  • Minor fixes


  • File browser with grouping feature
  • Removed the 15 day limitation of the trial version
  • Option to choose between auto-quality and high-quality thumbnails
  • Refinement of the page margins dialog
  • File modified time on Win 7 with correct daylight savings time to match Windows Explorer
  • Added support for .jpe files
  • Fixed columns/headers in the file details view in Windows 7 libraries
  • Fixed issue with multiline cell footer


  • New layout feature ‘Align to baseline’ for images in Flexible Grid Mode
  • Thumbnail generation again a little faster
  • Fixed switching viewer images in dual screen mode


  • Direct printing from cameras connected via PTP (PictBridge), iPhone, iPad, etc.
    (requires Vista or Win7)
  • Thumbnail generation based on smart usage of embedded thumbnails (fast)
  • Viewer support for multi monitor systems
  • Show print progress in Windows 7 taskbar
  • Added 5 new browser color schemes
  • Fixed random access violation in the file browser
  • Fixed list update after moving or deleting files
  • Fixed open of write protected layout project (.psl) files


  • New: Add background or logo image in the page layout
  • Revised layout window for easier operation and access to the layout modes
  • Zooming images in the cell dynamically adapts the aspect ratio to fully use the cell space
  • Faster page generation and printing, especially with Shadows enabled
  • Display output and source dpi of the images
  • Images can be manually rotated even with «Rotate for best fit» enabled
  • Images can be rearranged in the browser per drag&drop even with active multifolder mode
  • Browser shows filename tooltip if captions are disabled
  • Fixed layout: removed images could be displayed in place of new images
  • Fixed blank cells or multiplied pictures would be removed after switching to browser and back to layout


  • New: Zooming and Panning of single images in the layout
  • New: Context sensitive image toolbar
  • Faster layout operations thanks to a new caching system
  • Faster loading of large JPG images in the viewer
  • Added dialog to select the page layout mode
  • Added «Check for Update» function
  • Added Cut/Copy/Paste in edit and file context menu
  • Navigating with Browse Back/Next buttons is faster
  • When browsing a folder up, the subfolder is highlighted in the list
  • Open folder or image file via command line or file association
  • Explorer context menu integration «Browse with PrintStation»
  • Fixed bug when printing from memory card
  • Fixed occasional freezing when deleting files
  • Fixed folder thumbnail generation in Windows 7
  • Fixed selecting files in Windows 7 Libraries
  • Fixed add new folder on desktop


  • New: Define custom PDF formats
  • New viewer function Shift+Wheel for zooming at the mouse cursor position
  • Refined visual appearance of buttons and dialogs
  • «Select marked files» now deselects unmarked files
  • Fixed occasional problems with printer settings on secondary printers
  • Various fixes


  • Added anthracite and black color schemes (optional)
  • Added crop marks option in the fixed photo size mode
  • Automatic activation of the multifolder mode
  • Last selected printer will be restored after program start
  • Fixed access violation when using the multifolder option
  • Fixed viewing or printing of a file after renaming
  • Improved thumbnail generation order
  • Added French language user interface


  • Page margins and cell spacing can be defined as absolute cm or inch values
  • Changed spacing algorithm, outer spacing now same as inner spacing
  • Visible and clickable indication of defined page margins
  • Display of free image positions on the page
  • Better feedback while building page on screen
  • Main window preview pane adapts to window resize


  • Major refinement of the layout options
  • New ‘Paper Save’ layout option for maximum possible number of images on a page
  • Former dimension wizard replaced with dedicated ‘fixed cell size’ layout mode
  • Added set of standard photo formats for the cell size mode
  • Cell footer labeling now with word wrap (in multiline mode)
  • Repositioning of items in the file list by drag and drop for individual print order
  • New layout option to set rotate direction with «Rotate for best fit» enabled
  • Indication if a preset has been modified
  • Added file path to the list of cell macros
  • Support for image transparency
  • Remove image in layout window clears check mark in file list


  • Subfolders now included in the file list (optional)
  • New filter allows enabling of unsupported or hidden files
  • Select All (Ctrl+A) now with double function, first selects files, second all elements
  • Mouse cursor in viewer becomes invisible if inactive
  • Fixed viewer options would not be saved
  • Fixed crash of the demo version under Windows Vista with UAC enabled
  • Various improvements and fixes


  • Added file browser address bar with autocomplete feature
  • Added Back, Next and History functions
  • Presets are now saved per user
  • Layout with soft shadows about 30% faster
  • Fixed display of picture size if labels are within pictures
  • Fixed error when inserting page macro
  • Thumbnail cache and options now shared among all Picmeta applications
  • Improved administrator installation for other users


  • Added Photoshop PSD file support
  • Revised preset handling prevents unintentional overwriting of layout presets
  • Open PSL file now restores correct page orientation
  • Fixed uneven size of enlarged images with «Grow to fill cell» and shadows enabled
  • Fixed error when deleting preset


  • New: General use of the camera orientation tag for viewing and printing
  • New: Thumbnail list now optionally uses embedded thumbnails for faster display
  • Added sequential number as print macro
  • Chars &,%,\ followed by whitespace will not be interpreted as macros any longer
  • Click on page header or footer in print layout opens labeling dialogue
  • Fixed bug that could cause a black line below printed picture if «Grow to fill cell» was enabled
  • Fixed mouse cursor reset in the viewer when changing direction
  • Fixed open viewer with enter key


  • New: Integrated PDF file creation
  • New: Album pages can be saved as image files
  • New: Layout with soft shadows
  • New: ‘Insert blank cell’ makes layout even more flexible
  • Printing is faster and requires less resources, especially when printing small pictures
  • New print macro for file creation date
  • If psl-files are located in the same folder as the pictures, pictures will always be found even after moving or renaming the folder
  • Displays path names of broken links to pictures
  • Fixed update of marked pictures in the file browser after opening psl-file
  • Included Ascending/Descending option in menu View/Arrange By
  • Fixed bug that would cause sort column not restored correctly
  • Added Spanish as user interface language


  • Redesigned faster file browser
  • Realtime thumbnail resizing
  • Many new file formats supported, including DICOM
  • Last opened folder now correctly restores the virtual path (Desktop, My Documents, ..)
  • Restores correct window position on multi-monitor systems
  • Added option to reset or keep zoom in the viewer
  • Viewer options «grow to fill» and «stretch» now accessible as menu actions
  • Option to use the mouse wheel for zooming
  • Information display in the viewer now transparent by default
  • Fixed: when printing to PDF border lines could be erased by nearby text


  • Minor GUI changes
  • PrintStation added to registered AutoPlay applications for transfer and printing
  • Application now associated with .psl files
  • Added mouse wheel support in fullscreen mode
  • Text can be printed inside pictures
  • Minor GUI changes