Search by metadata

Find files with the new PIE releases

Among other improvements, the new releases PIE 5.4 and PIE Studio 4.7 now include a very handy search feature.

You can search by filename, keywords and categories, descriptions and other metadata. Usage is extremely easy, with support for multiple words or filename fragments. The results are displayed in the file list as normal folders, so you can continue to work with it just as usual.


View and set the photo position

The latest releases PIE 5.3 and PIE Studio 4.6 integrate Geotagging.

The Geotagging feature lets you view and set the photo position in an interactive map. Edit the GPS coordinates in single file or batch mode.

Thanks to EXIFcare™, geotagging your photos with PIE or PIE Studio doesn’t destroy any Makernote data, neither it creates an unneccesary XMP header (it will update existing XMP data, though).

JPG and TIFF files as well as many RAW formats (CRW, DNG, NEF, PEF, JP2) are directly supported so that no sidecar file is needed.

Edit IPTC data

Single file and batch mode

The latest versions PIE 5.2 and PIE Studio 4.5 allow to edit IPTC data. Almost all file formats are supported, either directly (.jpg, .tif, .crw, .dng, .nef, .pef, .jp2), or through XMP sidecar files.

The IPTC editor as well as the EXIF editor supports batch editing. Simply select various files in the browser and the editor automatically starts in the batch mode.

The batch processing also works with IPTC Keywords and Categories, allowing to add or remove single items instead of overwriting the whole set.

Sidecar files

Read and write support

Picture Information Extractor 5.1 and PIE Studio 4.3 now fully support XMP sidecar files, which enhances editing and workflow capabilities.

The metadata contained in an XMP file is directly accessible via the main image file. If the same tags have different values in the main and the sidecar file, the XMP metadata gets higher priority.

Metadata of now all RAW files can be edited. PIE and PIE Studio allow direct editing of .jpg, .tif, .crw, .dng, .nef, .pef, .jp2 formats without sidecar files. For all other formats, sidecar files will automatically be created.

In any case, any already existing sidecar file will be updated accordingly.

Picture Information Extractor 5.0

XMP and IPTC metadata

The latest Picture Information Extractor 5.0 and PIE Studio 4.2 add support for XMP and IPTC metadata.

Enable or disable the «Advanced Information» display using the View menu or the F4 key in the browser or the viewer. Editing EXIF tags or changing the date picture taken now also updates the corresponding XMP fields.


Summary of new PIE features since version 4.0

  • Enhanced browser with subfolders, history and favorites
  • Enhanced image transfer with metadata-based folder creation
  • Extraction of XML and IPTC metadata
  • Edit metadata in JPG, TIF and many RAW formats
  • Change date picture taken in RAW files
  • Lossless cropping
  • Color schemes
  • and numerous other features

Auto Folder feature

Metadata based folder creation

This has been a much requested feature and it’s finally there. The latest versions of PIE and PIE Studio add an Auto Folder option to the Transfer function.

The file path can be configured easily, the same way as the the file name for Auto Rename. Additionally, RAW and video files can automatically be put into separate folders.

PIE 4.8, PIE Studio 4.0

More editable formats and other enhancements

We have released PIE 4.8 and PIE Studio 4.0, which now allow to edit metadata in TIFF files as well as many RAW formats.

See the list of changes for details of supported formats and other enhancements:

Browsing through RAW images has been made more convenient. Preview and thumbnails show a higher quality image while still being fast. In PIE Studio, creation of page layouts with RAW files is much faster.