Picture Information Extractor 5.0

XMP and IPTC metadata

The latest Picture Information Extractor 5.0 and PIE Studio 4.2 add support for XMP and IPTC metadata.

Enable or disable the «Advanced Information» display using the View menu or the F4 key in the browser or the viewer. Editing EXIF tags or changing the date picture taken now also updates the corresponding XMP fields.


Summary of new PIE features since version 4.0

  • Enhanced browser with subfolders, history and favorites
  • Enhanced image transfer with metadata-based folder creation
  • Extraction of XML and IPTC metadata
  • Edit metadata in JPG, TIF and many RAW formats
  • Change date picture taken in RAW files
  • Lossless cropping
  • Color schemes
  • and numerous other features

Auto Folder feature

Metadata based folder creation

This has been a much requested feature and it’s finally there. The latest versions of PIE and PIE Studio add an Auto Folder option to the Transfer function.

The file path can be configured easily, the same way as the the file name for Auto Rename. Additionally, RAW and video files can automatically be put into separate folders.

PIE 4.8, PIE Studio 4.0

More editable formats and other enhancements

We have released PIE 4.8 and PIE Studio 4.0, which now allow to edit metadata in TIFF files as well as many RAW formats.

See the list of changes for details of supported formats and other enhancements:

Browsing through RAW images has been made more convenient. Preview and thumbnails show a higher quality image while still being fast. In PIE Studio, creation of page layouts with RAW files is much faster.

Lossless Cropping

Cut JPGs without quality loss

The latest versions of PIE and PIE Studio integrate a Lossless Crop feature. Just like the lossless rotation, it allows to cut JPG-files without any degradation of the image quality or increase of the file size. Neither decoding nor recompression is involved.

Using this new feature is very easy and requires just two clicks. See «Lossless Crop» in the main menu, section «Transformation», or in the viewer context menu.

EXIFcare™ Technology

Taking care of your metadata

Metadata in digital photos has always been something fragile. Ever since the beginning of digital photography camera manufacturers tried to add useful photo information to the image files. However, this data was not recognized by common photo editing programs. In order to view the data included in the files special software had to be used. In most cases only the manufacturer’s own software could read it, and sometimes did not even exist any.
But even worse, because common software tools did not recognize the metadata, they were not able to save it either. As soon as a picture was saved after editing, all the metadata had been gone.

The situation improved after the introduction and broad adoption of the EXIF standard. All professional photo editing programs nowadays read and save EXIF metadata. The EXIF standard has its weak spot, though. Because it was impossible to include each and every tag that manufacturers wanted, the specification left room for so-called Makernote data. Each manufacturer can include their own data block which does not comply to any standard.
With Makernote data, the same problems as before are returning. Editing with imaging applications, even software with official metadata support, will likely destroy the Makernote. Even just editing standard EXIF tags, for example using the file properties dialogue in the Windows Explorer, will leave the file without this manufacturer specific data.

In order to protect your metadata from being altered or erased, Picmeta introduces the EXIFcare™ technology. This technology enables our products to not only read Makernote data from almost any digital camera, but also save it correctly after each operation. This means it is possible to edit EXIF tags, adjust the date/time of picture taken, execute lossless rotations and update embedded thumbnails, while retaining all the other metadata.
If you are in need of using software that is not as metadata-friendly as ours, EXIFcare™ allows you to backup complete metadata headers. This way, you can restore the data after editing your photos in other programs. This also prevents from standard EXIF tags being added or changed as it happens with many applications.

With EXIFcare™ you can trust in the best possible protection of metadata in your photos. The technology is included in our products Picture Information Extractor and PIE Studio and will also be the basis for our future development.

File Browser Enhancements

Release roundup for better navigation

The latest release roundup include an address bar with autocomplete feature as well as back, next and history functions for the file browser, along with a neater interface and other improvements and fixes.

Current versions are PIE 4.2 (history), PrintStation 2.7 (history) and PIE Studio 3.2 (history).

If you are evaluating PIE, this update will reset your trial period.