Picture Information Extractor 6.0

«My Tags» and editor templates

Picmeta Systems proudly announces PIE 6.0 and PIE Studio 5.5.

Among numerous enhancements, the new «My Tags» feature is fairly powerful*:

  • Create your personal set of photo metadata. Instead of switching between EXIF, IPTC or XMP sections and scrolling through long lists, you can see the most important metadata at a glance.
  • Any tag added to «My Tags» is made available as column for the metadata list, for the report, and for renaming (in PIE Studio also for printing). These tags are also searchable.
  • You can rename tags. For example, use own tag names in the full metadata panel as well as in the editor dialogs.

Another much requested feature: Templates in the editor dialogs will greatly improve your productivity. Adding repetitive data such as photographer or copyright notice is now made easy.
Templates can also be used for adding predefined sets of keywords or categories, and you can apply various templates successively. It is very flexible.

*To configure «My Tags», enable the full metadata panel in the main window (View menu or F4)