PIE 4 Released

Edit tags, auto orientation, embedded thumbnails and more

This is the list of changes in the new edition 4 of the Picture Information Extractor:

  • New: Editor for EXIF strings, single file and batch mode
  • New: General use of the orientation tag makes manual or auto rotation almost obsolete
  • New: Thumbnail list now optionally uses embedded EXIF thumbnails for faster display
  • New: Auto rename now supports many more tags (see «More..» button)
  • Update of EXIF thumbnails after image transformation
  • Tag editor allows to manually update or remove EXIF thumbnail
  • Added write protection check for remove/restore metadata
  • After transfer, file list is scrolled to show the last file transferred
  • Adjust EXIF date/time now also works if there is no EXIF header; it creates one based on the file modified date
  • More tags available for file list and report generator
  • Use correct camera white balance for RAW display
  • Fixed restore columns in the picture information view
  • Fixed mouse cursor reset in the viewer when changing direction