Tweaks and Refinements

PIE 6.4, PIE Studio 5.9

The rendering quality of the viewer und the preview has improved. Because the quality comes at the cost of some speed, there are now 3 possible settings, fast, normal and best. «Fast» corresponds to the former default setting.

Two new import options, «Mark source files as transferred» and «Skip files marked as transferred» are perfect for those who usually keep the files on the smartcard instead of moving them.
Formerly there was the option «Skip files that already exist in destination folder». The problem with this option was, after deleting unwanted files or reorganizing folders, these files would be copied again during subsequent transfers. Files that already exist in the destination folder are now skipped by default, this is not an option any longer. Furthermore, however, each file on the smartcard now «knows» whether it already had been transferred and will be skipped from the start.
Please note that this feature does not work when using MTP transfer. If your camera lets you choose between USB mass storage or MTP mode, then select mass storage. Otherwise use a smartcard reader instead of connecting the camera.

A new Quick Crop feature lets you quickly change the aspect ratio of JPG files within the file browser. It creates copies of the files, so the original files are not changed at all.

If you have enabled both grouping and sorting by metadata, e.g. group by camera and sort by capture date/time, you will notice a speed increase of about 40% in the new versions.

The updated RAW decoder supports various new cameras such as Canon EOS 5D Mark III, 650D, 1D X, PowerShot G1 X, Fujifilm X-Pro1, X-S1, Nikon D3200, D4, D800, Olympus E-M5, Sony A57.

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