PIE Studio

Import – Rename – View – Organize – Tag – Print – Document

Integrated solution for managing and printing photos


PIE Studio combines the metadata power of the Picture Information Extractor with the smart printing and layout features of Printstation.


The main window of PIE Studio. It shows you all the picture information and a preview. You can manage your picture files, transfer, rename, rotate (lossless) and easily choose the images you want to print.



Setting up the layout for printing or creation of PDF albums and catalogues. You can quickly add labels with picture metadata to the images. The labels can be printed above, below or over the pictures with variable font style and color.


piestudio-macroIn PIE Studio, as opposed to pure Printstation, the list of available macros includes EXIF data such as date picture taken, camera and photo information, as well as many IPTC tags.





PIE Studio Features

All features of PIE and Printstation in one application:


  • Extraction and display of EXIF, XMP and IPTC metadata
    Custom metadata “My Tags”
  • Most complete EXIF and Makernote data for almost any camera
  • Unique multicore control provides the fastest possible access to the ExifTool based metadata engine
  • Edit EXIF and IPTC tags in JPG, TIFF and RAW formats
    Single file or batch mode
  • Create and use metadata templates
  • Define hierarchical keywords and categories
  • Geotagging of photos with interactive map
  • Adjust or add EXIF date/time in JPG, TIFF and RAW files
  • Set file timestamp according to EXIF date/time
  • Remove EXIF, IPTC and/or XMP data from JPG files
  • Backup and restore JPG metadata
  • Export file lists with metadata

Print & PDF

  • Printing of multiple pictures in columns and rows or standard photo formats
  • Resize, move, rotate or multiply single pictures
  • Automatic sizing and positioning to fit within your selected print settings
  • Paper save mode for maximum number of images on a page
  • Creation of PDF albums and index files
  • Full WYSIWYG preview of all the pages of images you have chosen to print
  • Flexible labeling options
    Define custom header and footer texts for pages and images
    Show metadata above, below or on each image
  • Print photos along with GPS coordinates
  • Print contact sheets and albums directly from RAW images


  • File manager with shell integration
  • Folders and favorites tree for quick access
  • Thumbnail browser with realtime thumbnail zooming
  • Picture preview
  • Sort by date, shutter, aperture, focal length, ..
  • Group by date, type, camera, lens, rating, artist, …
  • Search files by metadata
  • Flexible renaming of digital photos
  • Support for companion files (.thm, .xmp, .wav)
  • Batch operations directly executed from the file browser
  • Automated file import from digital camera memory cards
    Custom directory structure and automatic folder creation based on metadata
    Support for cameras connected via PTP/MTP (PictBridge), iPhone, iPad
  • One-click deletion of RAW+JPG files in different folders


  • Lossless JPG-Rotation
  • Lossless JPG-Cropping
    Using ‘Quick Cropping’ even in batch mode
  • Rotate RAW images
  • Resize images (preserving all the metadata)
  • Stamp photo data on JPG images
  • Batch processing supported throughout


  • Very fast image viewer
  • Auto orientation based on camera sensor
  • Supports color management
  • Many supported file formats including DICOM (medical imaging) and RAW of almost any digital camera


Supported RAW Formats

  • Sony .ARW .SR2
  • Canon .CRW .CR2, .CR3, CHDK
  • Adobe Digital Negative .DNG
  • Epson .ERF
  • Kodak .DCR .KDC
  • Mamiya .MEF
  • Minolta .MRW
  • Nikon .NEF
  • Olympus .ORF
  • Pentax .PEF
  • Panasonic .RW2
  • Fuji .RAF
  • Leica .RWL
  • Generic .RAW


Want to know more?

In order to evaluate PIE Studio please download and install PIE and PrintStation separately. To obtain the full version of PIE Studio purchase a license now.