Hierarchical Keywords

Sophisticated IPTC tagging

The latest releases PIE 5.7 and PIE Studio 5.1 provide unsurpassed keyword and category features:

Build hierarchical keyword and category collections
The list editor lets you add sub-items up to any level, allows to rearrange items by drag and drop, and supports copy and paste. The lists are saved in standard text files for easy archiving, sharing and backup.

Assigned tags are saved in the image metadata
What benefits would it have if assigned keyword and category tags were stored in an application database? You want to edit, reorganize and share your images. If the information is saved in the image metadata, you know it will always be there. You don’t even need PIE to be able to read it.

Assigned tags are displayed in their hierarchical context
The tree structure is not saved in the images, but rather recreated each time the metadata is extracted. This enables the best possible comfort within PIE while still maintaining full compatibility with any IPTC enabled application. You can even restructure the repository and it is immediately reflected without the need for updating the image metadata.

Comfortable batch processing of multiple files
Single tags can be added or removed while leaving other tags untouched. At this, the editor clearly indicate differing content of the files and what it will do.